This week's profit will go straight to the community fund. t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ

In addition to 1 miner winning 10% of the pool, a runner up will win a 'Rizz'!* A new 1000 btcz coin that Rizzman1000 is working on.
Check on Slack or Discord for more details!

Rizz 1000 Coin


What is this website for?

This website monitors a BTCZ community wallet t3cEmCiE9q2So7m7fBi8awEcS6BRDR8LHN9 on the pool website. Each Sunday (midnight Pacific Standard) one lucky worker is randomly chosen to win a 10% of ALL funds raised the previous week!

How is the lucky worker chosen?

Each unique worker receives 1 entry per 10 shares of work, rounded up. For example, if you were credited for 123 shares, you would receive 13 entries in the drawing.

What exactly is a 'share of work'?

As a block is solved, each worker earns shares depending on the amount of hash power contributed. Generally speaking, the more hash power, the more shares will be earned. For miners using one or more modern GPU's, each share shouldn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes work, depending on current network difficulty.

How do I start donating?

Point your hashing power towards
For your user name, use: t3cEmCiE9q2So7m7fBi8awEcS6BRDR8LHN9.[Payment-Wallet]
[Payment-Wallet] = Wallet you want winnings sent to. Invalid wallets will show as 'Donated'. Valid wallets should start with 't1' and be 35 characters.
CAUTION! Double check your payment wallet is correct! Check the 'Workers' page and confirm your wallet address is shown correctly.
For more help joining equipool, please visit

How do I add my name to a worker?

Anything after your payment wallet will be considered your worker name.
The extended user name format is: t3cEmCiE9q2So7m7fBi8awEcS6BRDR8LHN9.[Payment-Wallet][Worker-Name]
[Payment-Wallet] = Wallet you want winnings sent to.
[Worker-Name] = (Optional) Your worker name, screen name, or other name you want to show in the results.
For example, user 'Bunny' with wallet address t1ABCDEABCDEABCDEABCDEABCDEABCDE123 would enter user name

Again, be sure to check the 'Workers' page and confirm both your wallet and name are shown correctly.

Can I only point one of multiple GPU's on my computer to your pool?

Both EBWF and DSTM have configuration parameters to allow this.
For EBWF, use '--cuda_devices' followed by the GPU's you want to use. For example '--cuda_devices 0 3' to use GPU 0 and 3.
For DSTM, use '--dev' followed by the GPU's you want to use. For example '--dev 0 3' to use GPU 0 and 3.
For other miner software, please consult its documentation. It's most likely easy to do!

How can I find out more about BTCZ

What is the community wallet used for?

BTCZ had no pre-mine, and has no developer fee. In order to pay for new exchanges, new wallets, maintain community servers, and contract needed work, the community donates to the community wallet. Funds are withdrawn as needed after agreed to by a community vote. You can find more information about upcoming projects at
From time to time this particular hash pool may also be used for other promotions, which will be announced on the public forums and reflected in the pool name.

Can I trust funds deposited to this wallet will be used for the community?

The hash pool is run by users NinjaPickle, equipool, hashgod, and cryptorex, who you can contact on with any questions. The wallet is a 2 of 4 multi-signature wallet, meaning 2 of us have to approve any withdrawl. Unless specified otherwise in the pool name, each week's earnings will be deposited to the general BTCZ community wallet t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ.

Still having problems connecting to pool, or have comments or suggestions?

Ping on slack or discord if you run into any issues connecting with the pool.
You can ping @NinjaPickle on slack for general questions about the website.
If all else fails, @hashgod or @cryptorex should be able to help too.